Highwood Cold Storage - Londonderry, NH

A new -10°F freezer was added to this 100,00-square-foot new addition to this cold storage warehouse.

Highwood Cold Storage wanted to massively expand their cold storage warehouse in Londonderry, NH. Highwood selected Food Tech to perform design-build services for a 100,000-square-foot new addition and 25,000 square feet of renovations because of their expertise in facility planning and refrigeration engineering. 

Food Tech provided cold storage insulation design, which featured a cost-effective steel frame and insulated walls and roof. The completed facility also includes a central ammonia refrigeration system as well as efficient double-deep racking for high density storage. 

During this project, Food tech delivered the following:

  • Design-build and cold storage construction services
  • -10°F freezer – convertible space
  • 34°F shipping and receiving dock
  • Central ammonia refrigeration system
  • Penthouse air units
  • Offices

Highwood Cold Storage offers cost-effective refrigerated, frozen, and sub-zero public storage to the nation’s frozen food professionals. Highwood works in conjunction with a sister facility, the Londonderry Freezer Warehouse, to provide comprehensive storage solutions to the Northeast’s food distribution network.