Maritime International - New Bedford, MA

Food Tech performed a full suite of design-build services for this 40,000-square-foot public refrigerated warehouse.

In need of additional storage capacity, Maritime International, Inc. decided to expand and renovate their public refrigerated warehouse in New Bedford, MA. Thanks to their industry-leading cold storage design and construction, Food Tech was selected for the project. 

Food Tech performed a full suite of design-build services for the 40,000-square-foot facility. The expansion included a simple steel frame structure with cold storage insulated panel construction as well as a cutting-edge ammonia refrigeration central system. The facility’s advanced industrial refrigeration engineering features penthouse evaporators and 10°F storage capacity, which helps Maritime offer their clients precise temperature control at cost-effective rates. 

During this project, Food Tech delivered:

  • Design-build services
  • Cold storage insulation design
  • 10°F freezing and storage capacity 
  • Central ammonia refrigeration system with screw compressors and evaporative condensing
  • Penthouse refrigeration evaporators
  • Drive-in racks

Offering over 13 million cubic-feet of public cold storage, Maritime International, Inc. provides dedicated, high-quality service to America’s perishable food industry. The New Bedford warehouse is one of Maritime’s five storage facilities tightly integrated into the Northeast’s food distribution network.