DiCarlo Distributors - Holtsville, NY

Food inventory management systems were designed for this food service distribution center.

DiCarlo Food Service wanted to renovate and expand their Holtsville, NY, food service distribution center by using a company with experience in material handling design, food service distribution, and facility planning. Food Tech was commissioned for the project—among other reasons— because of their expertise designing food inventory management systems. 

Food Tech began the project by performing analyses of case movement, inventory levels, and stock keeping unit (SKU) counts. This was followed by other pre-construction services including master site planning, preliminary design, and construction estimating and scheduling to help ensure that the expansion project was as cost-effective and efficient as possible. 

Food Tech’s design-build approach provided DiCarlo with considerable cost savings while also helping to ensure that they will be able to meet increased item proliferation and sales volume. While completing the 141,000-square-foot plant, Food Tech delivered the following: 

  • 53,000-square-foot dry storage and dock expansion
  • 6,850-square-foot cooler expansion
  • 16,650-square-foot freezer expansion
  • 64,500-square-foot miscellaneous facility renovations and resets 

DiCarlo Food Service is one of the top 50 food service distributors in the United States. Founded by Vincent DiCarlo Sr. in 1963, the company remains a family owned and operated business serving the mid-Atlantic region.