Eby-Brown - Shepherdsville, KY

This Eby-Brown cold storage warehouse added facility sizing services and a new dock leveler design.

Eby-Brown needed a company to design-build a new 45,000-square-foot perishable and frozen food distribution center in Shepherdsville, KY. Additionally, Eby-Brown needed the entire project completed on a fast-track schedule in order to begin shipments to a new large convenience store account. 

Due to their specialization in cold storage engineering and their reputation for excellent construction scheduling, Food Tech was selected for the project. Food Tech worked with Eby-Brown’s industrial engineering and distribution operations team to size the facility based upon items, inventory, and case-movement requirements. The distribution center’s cold storage warehouse includes freezer floor design engineering as well as a roof structure supporting insulated ceiling panels.

Food Tech completed the facility on-time and below budget, allowing Eby-Brown to satisfy the schedule and service commitments to their new customer. During the project, Food Tech delivered the following:

  • Fast-track design-build schedule
  • Facility sizing services
  • 34°F cooler and refrigerated dock 
  • -10°F freezer 
  • Insulated and heated freezer floors
  • Dock leveler design, including vertical hydraulic dock levelers
  • Structural steel racks
  • Mechanized case conveyors
  • Packaged Freon refrigeration
  • Cold storage fire protection with no in-rack sprinklers

Eby-Brown is a privately-owned tobacco, candy, and convenience store food distributor for the U.S. market. Founded in 1887, the company has grown to become the third largest convenience distributor in the nation