Naked Juice - Los Angeles, CA

Naked Juice required a professional design-build team to transform their current facility into a state of the art distribution center.

Naked Juice required a professional design-build team to expand and renovate their Los Angeles, CA facility, in order to transform it into a state-of-the-art distribution center. 

Food Tech was selected for the project because of their outstanding material handling design and advanced cold storage construction capabilities. The project included the construction of highly efficient single and double deep racking systems for material storage. Additionally, significant cold storage design and refrigeration engineering were provided for the facility, including a cutting-edge ammonia refrigeration central system as well as 34°F storage and dock areas. 

The completed 78,060-square-foot refrigerated juice distribution center features the following:

  • Single and double deep racking
  • Ammonia refrigeration central system
  • 34°F storage and dock areas
  • “Multi-shifter” battery charging and changing system for corrosion resistance
  • New repacking area 

A subsidiary of PepsiCo, Naked Juice produces bottled beverages that are distributed on the international market. The Naked Juice product line consists of over 20 different drinks including fruit juices, juice smoothies, protein-rich smoothies, and coconut water as well as other beverages.