Performance Food Group - Florence, SC

This completed 350,000-square-foot facility features shrink compensating concrete floor design as well as an ammonia refrigeration central system.


Faced with growing demand in the Eastern Carolinas, Performance Food Group (PFG) determined that they needed to construct a new full-line food service distribution center in the region. PFG not only required design-build services, but also a facility planning partner to provide guidance throughout the entirety of the project. 

Food Tech was awarded the project due in part to the company’s outstanding pre-construction services and reliable construction management. Before the project broke ground, Food Tech performed a business location study and provided facility sizing services to determine the ideal site for the distribution center. A tract in Florence, SC was selected for the facility due to its prime location within the Carolinas’ logistics network.

During the design-build phase, Food Tech delivered advanced material handling design to help maximize the plant’s efficiency. The facility features an innovative “L” shaped layout which allows faster selection and delivery of ambient items to the docking area, where they can be easily merged with perishables and frozen foods during staging and truck loading. The design also has separate parking/circulation lots for employee automobiles and delivery trucks. The separate lots have positive effects on the plant’s efficiency and vehicle safety, while providing unimpeded space for future expansions. The facility also includes a conventional racking system slotted for over 100,000 fast-, medium-, or slow-moving items aimed at significantly increasing labor efficiency. 

Additionally, Food Tech lent their expertise in cold storage construction to the project. Externally, the facility has a cost-effective steel frame with insulated metal panel walls and roof. Internally, the plant contains multiple temperature zones for food safety, which are refrigerated by an energy efficient ammonia system with cutting-edge evaporative condensing. 

The completed 350,000-square-foot facility features the following:

  • Material handling design and cold storage insulation design engineering
  • Innovative “L” shaped layout for distribution efficiency 
  • 55°F, 45°F, 34°F, 28°F, and -10°F refrigerated zones
  • Penthouse evaporators
  • Ammonia refrigeration central system with screw compressors and evaporative condensing
  • Test kitchen, regional offices, and employee amenities
  • Truck maintenance and fueling facility
  • Shrink compensating concrete floor design
  • Conventional racking system slotted for over 100,000 items
  • Double pallet jacks for order selectors
  • Constructed and designed to withstand category 5 hurricanes

Performance Food Group is an American company that distributes over 150,000 foods and related products to customers across the United States. Divided into three major divisions, PFG offers a variety of foodservice needs to independent restaurants, national chains, vending, concessions, and others.