Tapia Brothers - Las Vegas, NV

Expertise in construction management and material handling design enabled Food Tech to deliver a 40°F produce cooler to this new food service distribution center.

Tapia Brothers Company (Tapia) needed a design-build team to lead a major expansion and renovation project in Las Vegas, NV. Thanks to their reputation for professional construction management and innovative material handling design, Food Tech was selected for the project.

Extensive new construction was required to transformed an existing cold storage warehouse into a state-of-the-art food service distribution center. Altogether, Food Tech added over 30,000-square-feet of ambient and produce space in order to provide Tapia the capacity needed to satisfy operational requirements. 

Additionally, material handling design and logistics engineering were the utilized during every step of the process to increase the facility’s productivity and efficiency. Eight new dock doors were added for outbound staging and loading, and the facility also features advanced vertical hydraulic dock levelers as well as structural steel racks. 

From start to finish, Food Tech competitively bid work to local contractors which helped lower costs for Tapia, without lowering construction quality. 

During the project, Food Tech delivered the following:

  • Design-build services including new construction, expansion, and renovation
  • Material handling design and logistics engineering
  • Tilt-up concrete construction at 40” clear
  • Eight new dock doors with hydraulic dock levelers
  • Structural steel racks
  • 40°F produce cooler
  • Competitive bidding for additional cost-savings 

Tapia Brothers Company is a major food service distributor in the Western United States which focuses on serving the region’s Hispanic restaurants. Tapia offers beef, pork, poultry, and produce as well as grocery and janitorial products to over 4,500 clients in eight states.