Food Lion Supermarkets - Dunn, NC

Pre-construction services were used in an analysis of Food Lion’s grocery distribution centers.

Food Lion required a comprehensive analysis of their grocery distribution centers throughout the American East Coast to determine what renovations and expansions could be performed to modernize their distribution network. Food Tech was selected for the project because of their systematic pre-construction services and advanced approach to food inventory management systems.

Food Tech began the project by performing logistics studies as well as item, inventory, and case movement sizing analyses at Food Lion facilities from Maine to Florida. The analyses determined that Food Lion’s existing distribution centers had more than sufficient ambient and freezer space but required additional multi-temperature and high-humidity perishable spaces. Food Tech proceeded to the design-build stage in order to expand the network so that it could accommodate the needed temperature zones. 

Renovations involved adding new pressurized banana rooms as well as refrigeration areas. Food Tech also enlarged the depth of shipping and receiving docks in order to provide adequate space for load staging and checking. The finished network of distribution centers covers 1,200,000 square feet and provides Food Lion with state-of-the-art facilities capable of shipping some of the freshest perishables to stores across the United States. 

During this project, Food Tech delivered the following:

  • Pre-construction services including logistics planning
  • Facility sizing services including item, inventory, and case movement analyses
  • Grocery, produce, dairy, frozen food, and meat distribution
  • Cold storage construction and refrigeration engineering
  • Multi-temperature and high humidity facilities 
  • Pressurized banana ripening areas

Food Lion is a grocery store and grocery distribution company primarily serving the southeastern and mid-Atlantic regions. Food Lion operates over 1,100 grocery stores in 10 states across the country. Since 1974, Food Lion has been a part of Ahold Delhaize, an industry-leading international food retail group.