Barber Foods - Portland, ME

Barber Foods used Food Tech on this frozen food processing facility because of their expertise in food cold storage construction.

Barber Foods needed to fully renovate a former grocery distribution facility into a production facility capable of frozen food processing compliant with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards. 

Food Tech was contacted because of its expertise in food cold storage construction, food facility planning, and refrigeration engineering. During the project, Food Tech installed and constructed a freezer and cooler, which included a new ammonia refrigeration system with provisions for blast freezers. The comprehensive project also required the construction of office space and employee amenities, utility upgrades, and process and packaging line conversions. 

The completed 210,000-square-foot plant expands Barber Foods’ production capabilities while also increasing their speed to market. Additionally, Food Tech prepped the plant for future food process spaces, providing Barber Foods with significant savings when further expansions are needed.

Barber Foods is a division of Tyson Foods that processes frozen chicken entrees. The company has been proudly operating in Portland, Maine, since it was founded in 1955. 

  • Poultry processing and cold storage
  • New ammonia refrigeration system with provisions for blast freezers
  • Prepped for future food process spaces
  • Offices and employee amenities
  • USDA compliant design
  • Cold storage construction