Gonnella Frozen Products - Hazelton, PA

Gonnella Baking Company needed a new frozen food process plant and chose Food Tech because of their reputation as an outstanding facility planning partner.

After outgrowing their main Midwest facility, Gonnella Baking Company determined they needed a new frozen dough process plant in order to streamline their logistics network. Gonnella required a company that could provide both state-of-the-art food process construction as well as cutting-edge facility planning services.

Food Tech was selected for the project because of their expertise in food process engineering and their reputation as an outstanding facility planning partner. The project began with a business location study performed by Food Tech’s logistics group. The team determined that Eastern Pennsylvania was Gonnella’s ideal distribution point, and after evaluating multiple locations, selected Hazelton for the facility. Thanks to Food Tech’s logistics analysis, the location of the new plant will considerably reduce Gonnella’s transportation costs to the Mid-Atlantic and New England areas. 

The 100,000-square-foot frozen food process plant was constructed on a design-build basis. It features an industrial refrigeration system as well as highly efficient automated palletizing. During this project, Food Tech delivered the following:

  • Facility planning and business location studies
  • Advanced food process engineering
  • Two spiral freezers rated for 18,000 lbs/hr
  • Automated palletizing
  • Ammonia refrigeration central system

Gonnella Baking Company provides the food industry with a variety of quality bakery products including frozen dough, fresh breads, consumer items, and custom-baking solutions. Founded as a small storefront bakery in 1886, Gonnella now produces over four million pounds of bakery goods every week in locations across the United States.