Kunzler & Company - Tryone, PA

Food Tech was chosen as a facility planning partner to help with this expansion project for Kunzler & Company’s meat process food plant.

Kunzler & Company needed a facility planning partner to help it determine the best expansion options for its meat process food plant in Tryone, PA. 

Food Tech was selected to perform a variety of preconstruction services thanks to their expertise in material handling design and construction management. Before construction began, Food Tech provided master site planning as well as construction estimating and scheduling services, which helped Kunzler’s management team decide the optimal expansion and renovation needed for their facility. 

The finished ready to eat (RTE) food process plant features a custom curing operation and European processing equipment. The plant is also designed to comply with the highest United States Department of Agriculture and Safe Quality Food Institute standards. 

During this project, Food Tech delivered the following:

  • Facility planning study, material handling design, and master site planning
  • Construction estimating and scheduling as well as process engineering
  • Custom RTE meat processing and curing 
  • USDA and SQF compliant design engineering
  • European process equipment 

Kunzler & Company is an American food manufacturer and processor based out of Lancaster, PA. Founded in 1901, Kunzler remains a fourth-generation family company and produces natural hardwood smoked bacon, ham, bologna, and more.