Tyson Foods, Inc. - Chicago, IL

Food Tech renovated this 55,000-square-foot meat process food plant for Tyson Foods, Inc.

A Chicago, IL division of Tyson Foods, Inc. (Tyson) needed to renovate their 55,000-square-foot meat process food plant. They turned to Food Tech for the project due to its cutting-edge food sanitation design engineering and expertise in industrial refrigeration systems.

The renovations included work on custom meat cutting, fabrication, and handling areas, which Food Tech built according to the highest standards to help guarantee full United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) compliance. Additionally, significant cold storage construction went into the project, including the installation of a state-of-the-art refrigeration system as well as a new 28°F food processing area. 

Food Tech completed the renovation on a fast-track, design-build basis in order to minimize interruptions to Tyson’s regular operations and maximize cost-savings. During the project, Food Tech delivered the following:

  • Fast-track, design-build construction
  • Custom meat cutting and fabrication facility 
  • USDA compliant process plant featuring food sanitation design engineering
  • New 28°F food processing area
  • Cold storage construction featuring new industrial refrigeration system

Tyson Foods, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that focuses on meat processing and distribution. Tyson and its subsidiaries operate a variety of major food brands and form one of the largest distribution networks of chicken, beef, and pork in the world.