Volpi Foods - St. Louis, MO

Food Tech’s leading cold storage and food process construction services helped expand this meat process food plant.

In order to meet growing customer demand, Volpi Foods needed a reliable design-build team to help them expand their meat process food plant in St. Louis, MO. Food Tech was contacted for the project to provide their industry-leading cold storage and food process construction services. 

The project involved significant industrial refrigeration design challenges across 55,000 square feet, in order to adequately increase the facility’s Ready to Eat (RTE) processing and cold storage space. Throughout the project, Food Tech also incorporated rigorous food safety and sanitation design engineering to help the facility meet stringent United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards for RTE products. 

Additionally, Food Tech’s international food industry expertise was utilized to handle the European process equipment required for Volpi Foods’ custom meat curing operation. 

During the expansion, Food Tech delivered the following:

  • Design-build and cold storage construction services
  • Refrigeration and food process engineering
  • Custom meat curing operation featuring European process equipment
  • USDA and SQF compliant design engineering

Volpi Foods is a specialty foods and Italian cured meat manufacturer primarily serving the American Midwest. Founded in 1902, Volpi Foods continues to focus on providing unparalleled dry cured meat produced with natural ingredients and original recipes.