Automation Services

Today’s most innovative companies are turning to automation as a method to consolidate facilities, streamline production, and eliminate costly labor power. Food Tech offers comprehensive, ground-up construction of new automated facilities, as well as retrofit and renovation services for existing facilities. Featuring today’s most advanced automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), installed by experienced experts, Food Tech’s automation services deliver facilities designed for a competitive edge.

Food Tech focuses on turn-key automated facilities and operate on a design-build approach, working closely with clients to determine performance specifications and develop precise budgets helps Food Tech plan projects which are tailored to a client’s specific needs and criteria. In-depth facility planning studies and detailed designs, using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, help keep projects on-track and clients connected during each phase of construction.

Typical automation projects allocate 80% of spending to achieve 20% of automation generated savings. Benefitting from years of experience working with ASRS technology, Food Tech’s automation projects could potentially achieve nearly 80% of savings with only 20% investment in technology. Food Tech’s method relies on reducing total building footprint and cutting construction costs through vertical construction – utilizing height in lieu of land mass – allowing for the installation of super-tall racks made easily accessible by ASRS. These savings are combined with the continually savings produced by slashing a facility’s labor force for these historically hard-to-fill job openings.

Food Tech is vendor neutral, and our technicians are prepared to work on equipment from a full selection of ASRS vendors. Because Food Tech is not tied to any one manufacturer, we have the flexibility to purchase technology as a commodity, based on client specifications and market innovations.

Additionally, Food Tech can assist in the evaluation of specific ASRS building systems approaches, including rack-supported versus conventional construction, as well as the economic factors that would favor on solution over another.

Offering a full-suite of design-build services, Food Tech specializes in ASRS warehouse construction for the following:

  • Grocery and food service retailers
  • Food processors
  • Cold storage and multi-temp facilities
  • Manufacturers
  • 3rd party logistics

Food Tech’s team of experienced technicians, professional project managers, and ASRS experts offer a full suite of automation services, capabilities, and technology, including:

  • Turn-key, design-build facilities
  • Planning studies
  • Material handling design
  • Vendor assessment and sourcing
  • Vendor-neutral technology procurement
  • Scalable facilities capable of handling increased volume or incorporating planned expansions
  • Integration of new technology with existing facilities
  • Mini-load, ergonomic, and automated palletization sub-systems
  • Discrete automated stretch wrappers
  • Space-saving elevated design
  • Stack assist tools

Increase your productivity and efficiency with ASRS and automated solutions, contact Food Tech today.