Food Tech is highly regarded for our specialized work in food cold storage construction and industrial refrigeration systems for low-temperature facilities.

At Food Tech, we understand that your cold storage/refrigeration project is a major component to the success of your business and therefore must deliver high performance.

Our team of refrigeration engineers and cold storage architects bring many years of refrigeration engineering experience knowledge to every project, providing the quality service you expect from a leader among industrial refrigeration companies.

From the architecture to the material handling to the finished product, we work with you every step of the way, helping ensure your refrigeration/cold storage project is built right, on time, on budget, and with safety as the number one priority.

Our services include industrial refrigeration system evaluation and design, feasibility studies, and management of all critical components, including insulated panels, floor insulation, vapor barriers, and cold storage doors.

We are qualified to address specific fresh and frozen food facility needs, including:

  • Ammonia refrigeration
  • Freon refrigeration
  • CO2 Refrigeration
  • Ice-making systems
  • Banana ripening
  • Blast freezing
  • Computer controls

Contact us today to learn what refrigeration engineering services from Food Tech can do to help you deliver the freshest products to your customers.