Feasibility Studies  

Upfront planning is crucial to strategic business decisions, including food facility planning, construction management, and expansion. A food feasibility study from Food Tech includes an evaluation of your entire operation to help you define current and future goals and needs. Our food feasibility studies help clients explore possible courses of action while avoiding costly missteps during construction.

Here is just a sample of food feasibility study questions that can help you make informed decisions to drive future returns and ROI.

  • How large does my facility need to be based on current and future operational needs?
  • What is our “design year” and when do we run out of space?
  • Can my existing facility be renovated to extend its expected life?
  • What role should automation or recent innovations play in a renovated or new facility?
  • What is the real cost and schedule of construction for my project? 

Our research and services include:

  • Addition of new products and the impact on existing operations
  • Conventional warehouse vs. ASRS
  • Expanding vs. renovating
  • Ingredient/recipe changes and the impact on existing operations
  • LEED certification
  • Co-pack vs. in-house decisions
  • Manufacturing methodology
  • Moving lines both intra-plant and inter-plant
  • Material handling
  • Short-term vs. long-term objectives
  • Utility sizing/consumptions
  • Assistance with payback/ROI analysis
  • Capacity analysis
  • Consolidation studies and due diligence services
  • Facility optimization studies
  • Code search (building, USDA, FDA, etc.)
  • Engineering, safety, and ergonomic studies
  • Optimal layout (process flows)
  • Sanitation studies

By taking into consideration exactly what your operational needs are at the start, we provide you with a Design Report Booklet—the final product of an in-depth feasibility study—that contemplates important features of a facility’s expected life cycle as well as the costs associated with building and operating the facility.

Contact us today to begin a feasibility study that can point you in the right direction for growth and greater ROI.