Master Planning & Preliminary Design 

Food Tech employs a full team of professional architects, engineers, and project managers to help clients define the requirements of their food facility construction project through master site planning and preliminary design.

Master site planning allows the client and the Food Tech team, your facility planning partner, to identify the design parameters and constraints that will guide design and construction efforts to remain on time and on budget.

Preliminary design services include:

  • Master site planning/Facility planning
  • Programming
  • Space planning
  • Feasibility studies (including food feasibility study)
  • Conceptual design
  • Site analysis
  • Existing facility evaluation
  • 3D studies

Our experts will evaluate the space needs and requirements for the new facility and then develop schematic plans. From here, cost estimates can be prepared and the project can officially move into the design/build phase.

Contact us if you are in need of a facility planning and management and preliminary design team who knows and understands the unique challenges of modern food processing facilities.