Site/Facility Selection 

Location, location, location—it’s a top priority for new site and facility selection, but it can also be a tough choice to make when all of the factors are considered. That’s where Food Tech can help with our years of experience and close understanding of food facility planning and food inventory management systems.

When finding the right site or facility for you, we consider factors like labor, customers, logistics, real estate, economic incentives, and supply chain needs.

Key benefits of using a food facility planning partner like Food Tech for your site/facility selection include:

  • Improved labor availability
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Minimized tax liabilities
  • An understanding of your competition
  • Identification of your competitors
  • Maximized economic incentives

Our services include:

  • Labor market analytics
  • Labor supply/demand forecasting
  • Competition saturation analysis
  • Customer analytics
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • Utility assessment
  • Unionization analysis
  • Transportation analysis
  • Business climate assessment
  • Geo-political risk assessment
  • Natural disaster risk evaluation
  • GIS analytics and mapping
  • Employer interviews
  • Community due diligence
  • Food feasibility study

Contact us if you’re in the market for a new facility location.