Industrial Engineering & Material Handling Design


Many firms’ expertise stop once the planning of the big box is complete. At Food Tech, our belief is that the material handling process within the facility—including grocery and food service distribution centers—is where we should start—not finish—the process.

Whether it’s a new Greenfield distribution complex, an expansion, or a remodel, the questions are the same: How much will it cost to operate? How much additional volume can it handle? Will it react best the needs of the customer?

Regardless of the scope of the project, our material handling experts are here to help with inventory warehouse layout design and management and food warehouse design and management. We analyze and design the best processes and infrastructure to address your specific needs and challenges.

Our material handling design philosophy is simple: focus on the operation first, not the building.

We analyze all of the factors that contribute to the installation of the correct material handling design: throughput requirements, availability of a motivated labor pool, and most importantly, long-term payback and how to best invest capital dollars to respond to the needs of your customer.

We also has extensive experience with all different levels of automation, including full 100% “lights out” systems, AS/RS, Pallet Moles, and newer hybrid approaches. As a professional engineering firm, we do not represent any single manufacturer or system, but rather, we will provide you unbiased recommendations based on your unique project requirements.

Our goal is to help you excel in the marketplace

The goal of our architects, industrial and refrigeration engineers, and material handling experts is to help you excel in the marketplace. In order to achieve this, we can evaluate and model all reasonable and appropriate material handling alternatives. These include:

  • Warehouse management system (WMS) selection and purchase
  • Voice selection and RF-directed pallet letdown and receiving putaway
  • Analysis of automation and mechanization vs best-practice manual processes
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS)
  • Space/Labor analysis of flowrack, PIR, and conventional slot mix and alternatives
  • Labor standards and incentives
  • Warehouse slotting and support systems
  • Equipment planning and utilization

Our custom-engineered material handling solutions can maximize your productivity; contact us today.