Supply Chain Planning & Transportation Analysis 


Strategic supply chain planning systems can make or break a company’s position in the marketplace and potential for growth. Food Tech is ready to assist you in creating the most appropriate supply chain network for your company and product—one that demonstrates the best use of company capital, reflects your firm’s corporate culture, and is gauged to fit your position in the marketplace.

Our engineers stay ahead of the curve on trends and technological advancements in supply chain planning, transportation analysis, and inventory management systems with innovative thinking and sound analysis. We understand the complexities and challenges of food facility planning and food inventory management systems.

Some initiatives that we utilize include:

  • Distribution network planning and location optimization
  • Fast-Slow network evaluation
  • Strategic procurement and inventory planning
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), robotics and automated selection processes
  • Member productivity and incentive program implementation
  • Inventory/Labor-Management systems
  • Systems integration
  • Fresh food distribution
  • Food feasibility study
  • Inventory management systems
  • Operational management
  • Statistical analysis
  • Retail labor optimization through back-stage processes

Supply chain planning and transportation analysis go hand-in-hand. We understand how an in-depth transportation analysis can benefit the creation of a more efficient supply chain.

Some of our transportation analysis services include:

  • Analysis of freight transportation, distribution and logistics policies, regulations and trends.
  • Intermodal planning and analysis.
  • Assessment of the linkages between transportation investment and economic development.
  • Shipping support

Food Tech uses an extensive, self-designed computer process that models key data elements to provide item-specific protocol. This information, in conjunction with extensive client input, allows us to determine the most productive supply-chain and operational management solutions.

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